As a believer of peer-to-peer learning, we organize various sharing, keynotes, panels and workshops with experts in the industry every week. Through events and workshops by our network of entrepreneurs and tech communities, we help local startups grow their businesses.

Influencer marketing

BIZ TALK SERIES- Influencer Marketing: How to Win Influencers & Win Customers

Today, the majority of traffic in many business comes from content marketing and will continue to trend that way. Marketeers is now focused on evolving and mastering their strategy using influencer...


Internal Event: Yoga Class with Yoga Dham Jakarta

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VR for your Business!

Many businesses have embraced virtual reality as a cost effective way of developing a product or service. For example it enables them to test a prototype without having to develop several versions...

Ig marketing

BIZ TALK SERIES- Instragram Marketing: How This Can Impact Your Business in 2017

Join us on Thursday, 8th December 2016 for learning about Instagram Marketing: How this can impact your business in 2017!

Meet our speaker, Nathalia Isadora as Social Media Director from Bridestory,...

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BIZ TALK PANEL- Content Marketing: How will it evolve in 2017?

Content marketing is an important part of a digital marketing strategy, and as it grows even more popular in 2016, it’s time to maximise its effectiveness in 2017 and examine all the new...

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Discover yourself through Personal Branding 101!

You are your own PR!

They said that Personal Branding is important for any cause, it can helps you building your career or when you're working in PR & Business world. 

Let's learn and...

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EV Hive Movie Night

Internal Event

Come join for EV Hive The Maja's first internal movie screening of the award-winning, 3 idiots !


EV Hive Movie Night

It's Horror Night
We'll be screening a thrilling horror film,
The Autopsy of Jane Doe

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How to develop a digital marketing strategy that works?

Join us in a discussion & workshop by Penulis.id where we will talk about how to create a digital marketing strategy that can help us boost our marketing performance. Almika from Suitmedia and...

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[Panel Discussion] How to establish my startup?

Do Startup Needs Incorporation?

What is the most common mistake startup founders make during early growth? Not establishing a strong legal structure off the bat! While it’s tempting to dig into the...

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PR in 2017: How to PR Like a Pro?

Most business executives dub PR as 'free advertising.' It neither is advertising, nor is free. As a matter of fact, it may be costly, depending upon how it is used, because it's a time consuming...

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Coding Class for Beginner Lv 1

Learning to code is a piece-of-cake!

EV Hive with collaboration with Techtif invites all beginners to join us for a Coding Class. Become an expert at HTML, CSS, twitter bootstrap, jQuery  in...

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UI/UX Class for Beginner Lv 1

Collaborate with Techtif, we're inviting all beginners to join us in a UI/UX class. Become expert on design sprint methodology, user research, design thinking, wireframe, prototyping &...

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Tech Talk - Learn PostgreSQL Part 1

Calling all Learners!

We're inviting you  to join us  in JLP events, here we will  learn about PostgreSQL, from the installation, backup until the process of Postgres.

Don't forget to...

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Frameworks and Technologies for Building your Chatbot

Chatbots are now becoming more and more important and are predicted to be one of the most siginificant trends for 2017. Even now, the usage of messenger applications is much higher than usage of...

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Panel Discussion - Perempuan & Usaha Seni Visual

"Women are the real architects of the society"
Nowadays, women entrepreneurship grows rapidly at small-medium enterprises. As economic opportunities increase, unprecedented numbers of women...

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Introduction to Social Entrepreneurship

Why does your business exist? to serve only stakeholders or shareholders?

Do you have any added value? and do they have any impact to society?

Find your answer on:

"Introduction to Social...

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Learn how to determine your idea using basic financial analysis!

How can you tell if your business idea will be profitable?

Honestly, you can't.
However, by preparing a 'break-even analysis', it will help you to determine whether your business will be profitable,...


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