4 Indicators: Which Coworking Space Would You Pick?

4 Indicators: Which Coworking Space Would You Pick?

07 June 2017

4 indicators which coworking space would you pick

1. Locations

For coworking spaces, location is a sacred thing. You don’t want to spend your time stuck in the traffic all morning, or to wait for your coworkers in morning meetings. Pick a coworking space that is located conveniently for you and your team. Moreover, don’t forget about your clients. Think not only about yourself, but also for your startup and clients as well.


2. Facilities & Services


Pantry or meeting rooms, are important in any coworking space if you decided to work in one. To run your startup, you have to pick a coworking space with meeting rooms with good ambience that could be available and comfortable for you to use. Regarding the services, to work in a coworking space with friendly and helping staff would ease your coworking life. Believe me. No one wants to be ignored for needing a help, for example when the restroom ran out of tissue, or when you can’t connect with the internet. Staff, friends, or nothing, it is always good to have someone to talk to- especially about your #coworkinglife!


3. Networking

Your coworking space should provide for your startup and personal needs. With networking events, workshops, and seminars, we give you not one but many weekly opportunities to introduce your business to another startups, or to mingle with potential clients. For startups based in Jakarta, we invite you to join Jakarta Startup Community and be a part of the local community!


4. Deals and Price

Could be last but never least. As a founder that has just started your startup, you have to maintain your expenses. In this case, you have to look for deals in coworking spaces that help you to stay in your budget. In EV Hive, we have FlexiDesk, a special deal for you that could provide you (x) spaces in Kebayoran Baru, Menteng, Kuningan or BSD City. We give only the best deals for you to develop your startup to its maximum potentials

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