4 Low-Budget Ways To Market Your Startup

4 Low-Budget Ways To Market Your Startup

26 May 2017

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It is important to introduce and offer your goods and services to the market as soon as you launched your company. Moreover as a startup business, it could not be more necessary. Effective marketing planning should be implemented from early phase, not to forget the tight marketing budget. Here are 4 ways to try to stand out in the market.


1. Social Media

Half of the world population uses internet. Instagram has over 600 million monthly users. Facebook? 2 billion. Social media is one of the most effective and low budget way, sometimes free, to give your startup the exposure you need. Give hashtag to your post, tweet the benefits of your goods and services, connect to linked in, it is a big online world to dive in!


2. Networking

Either attending conference, working in coworking space or joining workshops, you can find them both clear your path to introduce your startup to other people. Through live scenarios like such, you can find yourself engaged in Q&A sessions, construct new innovative ideas, and make yourself aware with the competitions. Who knows you will be surprised on how many would inspire you, or better, collaborate.


3. Content

Another cheap and effective way of marketing, content marketing. Besides developing your SEO, clients will acquire informations from videos, blog posting, and instructive infographics. Structure your content according to current event, stay updated to what the readers need, understand your market, and give useful tips and tricks. Don’t forget to attach some pictures, who doesn’t love them anyway?


4. Advertise

The word ‘advertise' directly give us the word television, radio, and printed media. While they could be your option, let me remind you that we live in the information age. Budget advertising is so much easier in the present. Put your startup online in many sites such as Instagram, Facebook, or even Linkedin. For traditional way, you can try car stickers- I get curious when seeing one!

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