5 Reasons of Why Startups Should Work in Coworking Space

5 Reasons of Why Startups Should Work in Coworking Space

31 May 2017

5 reasons of why startups should work in coworking space

Coworking is the future of the working industry. Not only it helps you in your working process through better productivity, it also helps you to establish your startup. Among so many obvious reasons on why you should work in a coworking space, these top 5 are the reasons why startup should work in one.


1. Cost Effective


As a newly made startup, you might find want to tighten up your financial plans. If you are on the budget, coworking space is the solution for you. Long-term traditional office might charge you not only for the space, but also internet connection, your daily shot of espresso, and printing- which you can get for free in a coworking space.


2. Positive and Professional Surroundings

While you can also choose home office, you will not get a working environment as supportive as in coworking space. Working among productive people could increase your efficiency and inspire you to work better. In EV Hive, when you need a break, just head to the pantry. You can chat and search for new motivations through fellow coworkers while enjoying your coffee! Keep yourself motivated and let your light shines to inspire other coworkers in EV Hive.

3. Spotlight on your Startup

When you don’t know what you need, coworking space is here to provide for you. EV Hive contributes to the improvement of your startup by taking care of your needs: printing machine, Wi-Fi, cleaning, coffee, and flexible deals you will need. Spend less time worrying about the small stuffs, and stay focused on what you can do with your startup!

4. Grow With Us

Together with EV Hive, you can expand your startup to your maximum potential. We are here to provide you the best solutions for your problems, including location and time management. With our FlexiDesk, you can work in all of our locations - anywhere and anytime you want. We are here to accommodate your startup needs.

5. Network

In coworking space, you will never know who you will meet. Real story, there was this startup founder working in EV Hive that needs someone to repair their UI. Through coffee chats and lunch, problem was solved! No fee needed, maybe you should just buy him lunch. Through networking, you can meet potential clients and partners too. There are events you won’t want to miss, ranging from more serious topics: workshops, seminars, and panel discussions, to more laid back sessions: potlucks, dart competitions, or movie night.

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