5 Tips in Creating Marketing Strategies

5 Tips in Creating Marketing Strategies

26 May 2017

5 tips in creating marketing strategies

Our current member at EV Hive Coworking Space, Chrisje, the Creative Manager of Goodworks, shared a few tips on how to create successful marketing strategy. Goodworks is a part of Alcor Prime, a holding company which supervises three other companies Alcor Boga, Alcor MICE and Alcor Lifestyle. Goodworks is under the supervision of Alcor Mice. Initially Goodworks is an event organizer, which now has been turned into internal marketing communication department of the Alcor Prime. Here are some tips that will help you in creating successful  marketing strategy, shared by Chrisje from Goodworks.

1.     Set up the goals

Before anything else, you have to set up your goals. You need to know well about the company culture and how  you want the products to be. These will  assist you in designing the products. It is suggested for you to ask around to gain more insight about the company you will help to brand, for this may save you from too much trial and error. By having goals, they help you to keep yourself in track. To help you measure your goals, you may consider the following criterias:

•        Specific - Define clearly what you want to achieve

•        Measurable - Set real steps so that results can be measured

•        Achievable - Determine the capacity of the capabilities and cost

•        Relevant - Specify things to improve other aspects of your business

•        Time-bound - Determine the things you can accomplish with the time limit you need to get it.


2.      Market research

Conducting market research is an important part of the marketing strategy. From the research, you can get the information such as the market size, growth, trends and social demographics (statistics of the buyers such as age, gender and family type). By conducting the research beforehand, your communication concept will be affected. You will be able to foresee what may occur in the market and adjust your marketing strategies to tackle it.


3.      Brainstorming

Team up with some brilliant people you can find! Have some discussions with the experts of the field.

Think as crazy as you can, list down some crazy ideas. It is important to try out those crazy ideas of yours, to see which one will work better for you.


4.      Make a plan out of the main idea

After finding out the right idea, you should validate your idea to your team and/or your customers. After that, record which ideas and approaches that was successful. You may need several different ways to fulfill the customer’s needs, to reach the target market and to increase your sales. The real key to success in marketing is the ability to execute the plan, implementing those ideas until you can attract more clients than you can handle.


5.      Have fun

Don’t forget to have fun! Because having fun will definitely help  you  improve your marketing strategy.

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