Balancing your Study & Work Life

Balancing your Study & Work Life

29 May 2017

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<p>As some people already realize, studying is not only for high school students. You might be in your workplace by day, but you study data science or literature at night. Maybe you are designing your own UI/UX while learning on how to start your business.</p>

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<p>To every student of life out there, whatever you are studying right now, here are some tricks on how to keep your life in the right track.</p>


<li><b>Schedule Everything</b></li>


<p>Between those long lines of to-do lists, you have to keep your priorities straight. Write down your to-do list on your planner. This will keep you organized and will remind you when you are a little bit too distracted. You can also use your smart phones and set reminders to do your tasks. While this might work on some people, we suggest you to write it down so when things get messy, you can always come back to your planner!</p>

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<li><b>Increase Your Efficiency</b></li>


<p>Review and take notes, get tutors, talk to your seniors at work. Whichever method you are working best at, discover it and do it at your own pace.</p>


<p>However, you have to be careful to deal with distractions. With social media and chats from group of friends, you can be easily drawn away. If you are easily distracted, placing your phone out of the reach is as important as ever. Be focused on what you are doing, and we believe that you will finish your work with plenty of time left to study, or vice versa.</p>

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<li><b>Choose The Right Place to do Both</b></li>


<p>If you ask me, it is harder to work efficiently in my own house, as the bed might distract me to just leave whatever it is I am currently working on. Besides Cafes, you can always try to work from a coworking space. You can choose your favorite spot, on a desk of your own choice. For example, <a href="">EV Hive</a> provides you some locations across Jakarta (<a href="">Menteng</a>, <a href="">Karet Kuningan</a> &amp; <a href="">Kebayoran Baru</a>)&nbsp;&nbsp;and <a href="">BSD</a>, with easy access from malls and museums. There are just some days we feel like visiting a local museum before work, right?</p>

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<li><b>Remember to Take Care of Yourself!</b></li>


<p>Yes we know you are a hard worker, and you try to keep your life balanced, but deal with your stress! Maintain your sleeping schedule, eat clean, go to social events, spend time with your family, watch the movie you&rsquo;ve been waiting for since last year and do yoga class. Being stressful is not going to help you in anyway. When in doubt, take some time off. You&rsquo;ve earned it</p>

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