Best Free Productivity Apps That We Love!

Best Free Productivity Apps That We Love!

06 July 2017

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Best Free Productivity Apps That We Love!


It’s only halfway through 2017 but we can’t wait to share these amazing new apps. Productivity itself is relative from person to person; and there are several factors that affect someone’s productiveness such as health, attention span, and environment. There’s no denying that it’s hard to be productive when you have a thousand things to keep track of. So let’s start. Here are our top choices of the best 5 productivity apps that will help increase your productivity.


  1.  Momentum ( Chrome/ Firefox Extension - Free )


Quoted from their website: “Momentum is a personal dashboard designed to eliminate distraction and provide inspiration, focus and productivity.” Momentum is a free extension in Google Chrome, it’s a simple productivity app that lets us have a to-do list with a stunning background picture of nature. It may seem like it’s not a very effective task reminder, but once you start using Momentum, it has its own way to remind you for your to-do-list. Every time you open a new tab, instead of your usual web homepage, you see your name with the specific task you need to do. It's a great way to stop you from opening that YouTube video your friend sends you when you still have work to do.


  1.  Google Keep ( Desktop, iOS, Android - Free )

Basically, Google Keep is a notepad that syncs and connects to Google Drive. It syncs your phone and your computer to remind you of your tasks. It lets you quickly save notes, photos, voice memos and to-do-lists to Google drive and lets you access it on any device you want. It’s great because it is simple and effective. The colorful interface are actually organization tools that makes it easier for you to differentiate between personal notes and work-related notes. The voice memo feature helps us save time by just recording your to do list instead of typing it out.


  1.   Site Block (Browser extension – Free)

Let’s all admit it, we’ve logged on to Facebook or open a Youtube video when we’re supposed to be working. When you’re a freelancer or working in a coworking space, it is easier to get distracted since no one is supervising you. This Chrome or Firefox browser extension block websites that you shouldn't be wasting time on. It also logs how much time you spend on the blocked websites, making you realize how much time you spend procrastinating instead of working.


  1.   Pocket (Android, iOS, Web – Free) 

Have you ever experienced an article binge? Clicking on every interesting article title or links you see, because you’re afraid that you might never see it again? Well, worry not, because this app lets you keep the articles for you to read later. Pocket is a great offline reading tool that allows you to select and save anything for later viewing. It lets you focus on getting the job done instead of browsing through the web endlessly.


  1.   Scannable ( iOS – Free ) 

Scannable captures paper and transforms it to high-quality scans that can either be saved or shared directly. The app instantly recognizes business cards, receipts, notes and even whiteboards. If you take a picture of a business card, Scannable transforms the card instantly into a contact along with their LinkedIn details and saves it to your phone’s contacts. This is especially helpful when you network with a lot of people, you no longer need to type in their contact details one by one into your phone anymore. 

There you go, that’s our top five of the best productivity apps. These apps won’t instantly make you the most productive person in the world, but at least they’ll keep you on track, help you to be more organized and a get you a step closer towards your goals. EV Hive can do all that for you too, from sourcing for the right tools to finding the right contacts. So if you don’t feel like downloading all those apps, head down to EV Hive and let us help you get more productive. 


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