Co-founder: Are You The One?

Co-founder: Are You The One?

27 May 2017

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Building a startup is never an easy thing. If you are a sole founder, when you encounter challenges, it might be helpful to have someone to share your ideas and problems with. Business partners could help your startups grow to its full potential, or in the worst case scenario, rock bottom. Here are some steps to choose the right co-founder for your startup.


1. Know What You Want

In order to choose the right co-founder, you have to know what your goals are. Set your visions to the business plan you are going to use and the targets. Knowing what you want will make the process of finding the right co-founder easier and more effective. You also have to be clear on what you want in a business partner. For example, you are looking for someone whom their values and work ethics suit you. You will want your co-founder to complement your skills to achieve your business goals.


2. Start Seeking

An entrepreneur would find their prospective partners easier through their networks. Attending networking events such as seminars, workshops, and panels would be beneficial for you. While co-founders could be found everywhere, working in a coworking space would give you a bigger chance to meet the right business partner. By working in a coworking space, name it internal or external, you can attend as many as networking events you desire. Never stop looking, keep searching and use the opportunity to find your better half!


3. Can We Work This Out?

Like a relationship partner, finding a co-founder means you have to find someone that complements you. For instance, if you are not the type of person that is organized, you have to seek a partner that can plan and organize better. Find a co-founder whom you can trust with work issues and have a good time with. Find someone who could agree with general terms of your business, and someone who would value your opinions and experiences.

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