Community, The Main Value of Startup Business

Community, The Main Value of Startup Business

26 May 2017

Community  the main value of startup business


“We are a community, we share knowledge, we are together” - Johan Ng

This WeTalk session with Johan Ng, founder of Happy Billionaires Club and the current member of EV Hive The Breeze, is about how community has become the most important value for a company. As quoted at the beginning, a community is a place where people are together and share knowledge to each other. Mr. Johan himself see Happy Billionaires Club as a community where people could share informations and knowledge specifically about stock market. It is then called as a business when they decided to use paid-membership model.


Happy Billionaires Club started 2 years ago as a community. It came from the idea there is only 0,2% of total population in Indonesia know about stock market so that Mr. Johan and his partners decided start making seminars and a community to help people to know more about stock market and its benefits as investments. Also he wants to help people who are new to stock market but interested in goverment’s campaign of “Nabung Saham”. The idea is keep developing through years and now Happy Billionaires Club have 500-700 members and many volunteers. This community is now have a new mission that is to help people in preparing their financial future.


Mr. Johan believe that to be a businessman is a call because it is a way of life. As a community, the work will follow you and you will be happy to do it. This led to the purpose of community as a business that is not only about how to gaining profits and income from your market but you sincerely want to acknowledge and serve your community. It will be a pleasure to know that your community mission is achieved and useful for your members’ future.

- EV Hive

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