Empowering Women By Fostering Entrepreneurship

Empowering Women By Fostering Entrepreneurship

24 May 2017

Empowering women by fostering entrepreneurship   1

Women entrepreneur enterprise has been perceived as a critical wellspring of financial development. They have provided occupations for themselves as well as other people. Giving diverse arrangements towards administration, association and business issues. Women entrepreneurs often face gender-based barriers in commencing their businesses, including discriminatory property, matrimonial and inheritance laws and/or cultural practices; lack of access to formal finance mechanisms; limited mobility, access to information and networks. Here are few reasons that pursue business as the most potential equipment in strengthening women’s power.

1. Economic Freedom

Entrepreneurship supports economic independence and soundness. Women entrepreneurs play a stronger role in supporting family and society, as well as providing creative solutions towards various issues. Such kind of empowerment potentially resulting more independent women who are able to overcome gender boundaries. A report once highlighted a case of women who are cored in male stronghold industry. The women’s journey had to be so lonely and challenging causing 30 percent of women founders experienced heavy depression. It is important to prioritize the interpersonal needs of yourself and your team, even if it is just you and a partner. When you walk in the door of a coworking space, such lonely feeling is rarely found. Plenty human interaction will remind you that you are a part of something greater. You will be contented with the warmth of a community.

2. Sources of Learning

Women entrepreneurship development cannot be solely limited to training. Other various developing method still should be further explored. The social environment plays a critical role for both young and professional entrepreneurs. It is one of the key drivers for one’s survival and growth. Therefore expanding professional relations and finding the right mentor will lead everybody to a better good.

Mentorship is the heartbeat of coworking concepts. According to Inc., start-ups who received mentoring have double survival rate compared to the non-mentored businesses. Mentors are the ones with higher experiences, hence they could spot on our weaknesses and guide us how to tackle it. The open and relax atmosphere of a coworking space makes it less intimidating to communicate with others while finding the right mentor. In no other place can an entrepreneur get access to the best legal advice or an extra creative eye by walking across the hallway.

3. Creating a Women Friendly Work Environment

Many women find it difficult to balance between their professional and personal responsibilities. Organizing time to do grocery shopping, house cleaning, laundry, cooking for dinner and taking care of the kids are no game even when that are the only things to do. With all the home-related responsibilities, women also have to perform well towards demanding superior, deadlines and ambition to succeed. As a result, women often have anxiety that triggers an overwhelming and guilty feeling due to the lack of personal time.

In order to diminish the unnecessary stress, coworking spaces are now providing flexible working hours and relax surroundings regardless of gender. The goal of the most forward-thinking coworking spaces is for you to grow as big as they can no longer fit you and to grow as a well being. The best way to reach that point is by minimizing the excessive stress, opening topic-specific discussions, work at anytime of the day, grab coffee at all hours, change up your work surrounding, take important calls in sound-blocking rooms or even catch some quick nap. As one of the fastest-growing segments of the economy, women-owned businesses should continue to build their brands in places with this sort of design, energy and track record.

4. Transforming Traditional Gender Role

The gender roles in our society are set in stone and so tough to break. The stereotypical image of women as homemakers, kitchen fixtures, doting mothers and economically non-productive members of society is finally evolving. Women are now successfully negotiating family and work, finding support to explore their creativity, taking risks and nurturing sustainable enterprises. Once society begins to accept this, a wheel that is already turning, all the cogs of the society will shift and make it easier for women to step out of their homes and take on more challenging roles as founders and investors.

While working from home seems to be the ultimate dream for some, meshing work and personal life may only take your company so far. With a coworking space, you still maintain all of the control and flexibility of owning your own schedule, but with the built-in structure of an office you don't have to vacuum and a copier you don't have to fix. Embracing your minority status in the start-up community and reaching out to other women doers can make a transition to a coworking space the most powerful growth-hack out there.         

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