Entrepreneur or Not: Do You Dare to Make a Change?

Entrepreneur or Not: Do You Dare to Make a Change?

15 December 2017

Entrepreneur or not do you dare to make a change

What are your plans to do this December? Have you ever wondered what you should be doing as an entrepreneur? Mostly, people create New Year resolution this time around in December, as an entrepreneur, of course your primary resolution is for the success of your business right? In the previous blog, one of the things you could probably do is to give to the community. Some of you are probably asking why right?

Well, here’s the thing, as an entrepreneur and startup founder, do you imagine your startup as a source of money or impact? Already have plans for your New Year resolution? Well, from those resolutions, how many resolutions are there where you focus on yourself and for the profit you gain? Is there at least one resolution you made there regarding the community? Here are a number of facts about the community and why you should consider it as part of your resolution.

New Ways to See the World

A little fact to reflect on, no matter how hard your life is, there will always be those people who are having a much harder life. As a matter of fact, according to some research, there are at least 80% of humanity that lives on less than $10 a day. Imagine only living with that amount each day, crazy isn’t it? Sometimes, we’re too focused on ourselves until we’ve forgotten to look on the other edge of the string.

If you said “Give them a job”, well one problem, there are actually billions of people who don’t even know how to read and write, how are they going to get a job? That is actually part of our job to give to the community and provide the skills and support they need, right?

Common Good of the Children

In Indonesia, there are actually tons of children who couldn’t buy proper school utensils, moreover, they barely couldn’t even afford to go to school. Some students don’t even have transportation to go to their school. Well, this is actually a very good time for you to actually help them.

Second fact you might now know, do you know there are actually thousands of children dying every day? Do you know that they die because of poverty? We might not even know because they live in the most remote villages on earth.

Wi-Fi? What’s a Wi-Fi?

Do you know there are actually a quarter of people in this world who lives without electricity? We couldn’t even last a day without Wi-Fi right? How would they even know the world outside their home without TV and Internet? Meanwhile, in the 21st century, all of us have progressed through the digital world, everything is online now. This leads us to the final question.

Do You Dare to Care?

Eventually, it all leads here, either you’re an entrepreneur or not, do you dare to make a change? Do you dare to care? Above are only pieces of problem to another level of problem. What could you possibly do as an entrepreneur? Do you focus your business in making money or more to the impact?

In EV Hive, we are currently creating an annual campaign to su, not sure of your end of the year resolution? Why not start here? #EVHIVEDARETOCARE is an effort with an aim to provide the schoolchildren in local communities in Indonesia with the supplies that they might need for a better classroom participation. Giving back to the community does so much to help those in need and contribute to the common good. Do you dare to care?

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