Flirt your way into that investment: How to get investor's attention

Flirt your way into that investment: How to get investor's attention

19 October 2017

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Great idea for a startup? Check.

Got your dream team ready? Check.

Got a location to build your startup? Check.

Capital? ….

The lack of investors' interest is one of the most common startup problem, entrepreneurs with big ideas and a great vision tend to leave their dreams due to the lack of attention and support from investors. For what is an idea without the supporting funds that can run it?

We have collected 3 ways for you to "flirt" and catch an investor's attention.


  1. Show them that you're different

If you're the same as every other startup out there, why would a venture capital look your way when there's probably a similar one who approached the first? Prove to them that you are better than your competitors, what are the benefits of your startup? How high is the growth?


  1. Be honest

Your past should be transparent to the competitors, always keep every business transaction clear. Get rid of every doubt in order to keep the trust factor intact. Document everything and make sure that everything you're doing is legal.


  1. Stay attractive

Who won’t be interested in investing in a startup that has a good perspective of growth? Have an effective business model presentation and learn how to pitch like a pro. A good pitch deck and presentation may seem like fluff, but they help investors understand you better.


These are 3 tips on how you can present yourself better in front of investors, if you put these tips to use, you may have a bigger chance in catching an investor's attention. Good luck!

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