How Coworking Space Benefit Travel Blogger

How Coworking Space Benefit Travel Blogger

07 December 2017

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Blogger profession has become one of the most promising profession in this digital era. Writing a blog does not end when you finish the blog, the output you published is what matters. Febrian, one of the travel blogger who wrote the blog, Cerita Febrian, has been around Indonesia from Sabang to Marauke and several other countries by becoming a Travel Blogger.

The Interest All Starts from the Family

In the Talk Show for Charity event entitled 'Kado Untuk Wamena' held at EV Hive D.Lab Event Space on Saturday, December 2nd, 2017, Febrian told a lot about himself as a Travel Blogger. He has loved traveling, starting with his family since he was a kid. Precisely, each time he stepped up on to the next grade in school, he was always invited to Pangandaran.

The man who was born in Kuningan, Cirebon, never thought that he would end up being a Travel Blogger at all. Previously, Febrian had become a Singer, Event Organizer, even Wedding Singer. Until the time when Febrian was offered to become a Host in the Rich Indonesia Journal Event.

Likes to Inspire Children

Due to the amount of times travelling around Indonesia, Febrian told that he really likes to inspire children. This all has the means for Febrian to assess that children in many areas are less motivated to finish school and have high dreams.

Febrian often does social activities such as donating books up to meet & play with the children to inspire them. In addition to providing inspiration, Febrian also made several social campaigns such as making a toilet in an area where there are insufficient toilets.

Message for You Who Wants to Be a Blogger

For you who wants to be a blogger like Febrian, there are some advices from Febrian for you guys. First, get out of your comfort zone. If you want maximum results, then do everything with a 100% effort. Second, don’t write your blog solely to become popular, but focus on sharing your experience, sharing is caring right? Third is the level of consistency in writing a blog. Do not let your spirit burst up in the beginning.

Coworking Space Can Definitely Help Travel Blogger

As a Travel Blogger, Febrian said that Coworking Space really helps his profession. Febrian said "It's really important (coworking space), as a travel blogger, we usually need a place that is not too monotone to write our blog or basically to do anything. Second, we need fast internet connections".

Especially with the presence of coworking space, you as a blogger can write a blog with comfortably and efficiently. Have you ever tried to write a blog in a Coworking Space? You could actually try to write a blog at EV Hive Coworking Space which has around 10 locations spread around Jakarta, Tangerang & Medan.

How Coworking Space Benefit Travel Blogger

'Kado Untuk Wamena' With William (CEO & Founder VosFoyer,) Febrian, Agnes Oryza Kristal, Windy Iwandi, Vica Helnis dan Ucita Pohan.

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