How to Choose a Business Partner

How to Choose a Business Partner

22 November 2017

How to choose a business partner

Business partner, where do we start? Well, let us start by saying that creating a business alone is indeed the worst possible idea, you simply couldn’t work alone. Contrariwise, starting a partnership is the more realistic solution for every startup company.

Every now and then, there are thousands, maybe millions of entrepreneurs looking for partners? But how? Where? Here, we got a few tips for you in choosing your business partner.

What to Look for in a Business Partner?

The hardest thing is choosing the ideal business partners for your company. Why so? You might ask, well you don’t go around shouting to everyone “I need a business partner!” it’s basically not as easy as that. Though it is as simple as using a simple partnership agreement, you both need to agree that this business is for long-term, NOT short term. Why did we say choosing a partner is the hardest thing? It’s simply because of the lack of commitment.

They say people come and go, this is exactly what happens when you choose the wrong business partner. Good business partners are the ones who stay from the very first day until the end of the business. So now you might rethink again in choosing your ideal business partners.

Where Can I Find a Business Partner?

Hold your horses! I know what some of you are thinking, this is the digital era, let’s find business partners online. Well, to be fair, you could actually do that, but there are so many risks where you don’t know the person that well and end up troubling your business. Things like that could happen very often nowadays.

So where to find business partners? Well, offline is the only solution. You could easily find a business partner in literally every coffee shops, cafes, and even coworking space. We’re not joking about this, you could gain lots of new connection by working there. Well we wouldn’t guarantee that you’d find the right person instantly, but the more you go there, the more likely for you to find that one business partner who is willing to start a business journey with you.

Starting a Partnership

What are partners in business? To make it simple, becoming partners in a business is just like becoming someone’s love partner, the only difference is that there is no love connection between both of you. A partnership agreement should be created on the first day that partnership is created. What’s a partnership without mutual agreement, right? Both of you should agree on something, what’s the benefit for you, vice versa, what’s the benefit for the other person? Is it one-sided? If it is, then there’s no point in continuing that partnership.

Remember this before you start a partnership, your partner in business is like your partner in life, if there is no chemistry, then don’t start a partnership. What do we mean by chemistry? No, it’s not the chemistry lesson you get when you were in high school. It’s actually the relation and how well you get along with that person itself. So get to know them! The more you get to know them, the more you know whether he or she is the ideal business partner.

Alas, those are all the tips we could give you on how to choose a business partner. What do you guys think? Have you found your business partner yet? Or do you prefer to work alone for your business?

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