Increase Your Productivity With These Work Hacks

Increase Your Productivity With These Work Hacks

30 August 2017

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 We are only given 24 hours in a day, and if you're a goal-oriented person like me, you know that's not enough. It matters to make the most of your time and increase your output, so instead of working hard, why don't we try working smart? Here are 5 self-hacks to increase your productivity.


  1. Time yourself


According to a research by This vs That, only 17% of people can correctly estimate the time they spend on tasks. Jot down the amount of time you need to finish daily tasks such as replying to emails, checking social medias and etc. By jotting down the time, you'll get to see how much time you're spending on doing what and what tasks are slowing you down.

(Hint: It's probably the amount of time you spend on your social medias ;) )


  1. Work in a nice looking environment.


According to research, an aesthetically pleasing office can increase employees' productivity by 15%. Decorate your office space with pictures, succulents, or anything that can liven up your working environment.  Not only decorations, natural lighting helps you think better and regulate your thought flow. Employees who work under artificial lighting has reported more complaints of migraines, insomnia and the lack of ideas.


  1. Stop Multitasking


A lot of people think that multitasking is a great feat in itself, that it's an important skill that can increase your efficiency. In 1990, Dr Robert Rogers, PhD, found that when people are multitasking, most of the time it results in lost time and productivity instead of having a good outcome. How about we commit to a single task before starting your next? It is better to commit 100% to a single task instead of switching tasks every few minutes.


  1. Make use of your commute time


We all agree that traffic is annoying, it slows us down, makes us late and it's just tiring overall. But what if you view it from a different perspective? Think of it as a bonus time for you to do tasks that can be "prepped" before work. You can use that time to reply to some emails, create your to do lists and even jot down some inspiration.


  1. Take a break when you need one


Working on a task without breaks leads to a steady decline in performance, it's unhealthy to force your brain to concentrate on a single matter for a long time. By doing so, you're also putting a lot of pressure on your eyes. Taking a 2 minute break is good for when you're feeling overwhelmed and tired, this prevents burnout, stress and anxiety.


Here are 5 self-hack tips that you can use for your work life, in EV Hive, we encourage you to stay productive to tasks by also providing entertainments that can help you relax after a tiring day of writing reports and catching deadlines. So if you're looking for a workplace where you can work hard and play hard, EV Hive is the place for you!

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