[Infographic] How To Build Your Startup

[Infographic] How To Build Your Startup

26 May 2017

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<p>Do the business, ideas don&rsquo;t sell. That was what General Manager of <a href="http://evhive.co/">EV Hive</a>, Agung Bezharie, said.&nbsp;</p>

<p>It is important to have bright ideas. However, it is true that we have to put them into actions.&nbsp;</p>

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<p>The infographic is here to swap the business of your dreams into reality.</p>


<li>Spot the problems. What is happening in the society? What are the hardships that must be overcome?</li>

<li>Who experiences them? Through research, make sure how many people need a solution for the problem you spotted.&nbsp;</li>

<li>Make solution through goods and service. What kind of solution do they need? Help the society by answering their worries. Start to think differently for different results.</li>

<li>Bring Ideas to Life. Make enough features with your Minimum Viable Product in hand, your ideas will start to expand to movement.</li>

<li>Do the business. Start selling your product. This step will validate your business to the higher level, pitching.</li>

<li>Pitch your business. Look for funding while preparing for your final product. Learn how to <a href="http://evhive.co/blogs/quick-tips-monday-5-ways-to-make-lasting-impression">make lasting impression</a>.</li>

<li>Finalize. Grow strong and keep innovating.</li>



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