Not 5, but 6 Benefits of Joining Startups

Not 5, but 6 Benefits of Joining Startups

19 July 2017


Should I join a startup company? Probably that’s your question when reading the title.

The answer is, Yes you should. 

“But why should I join a startup company?” 

“What are the benefits that I would get?” 

“What am I expecting from this?”

“Is it too risky for me?”

It’s true that Startups aren’t for everyone, but these benefits will make you reconsider.

 So here are 6 high benefits you will get for joining a startup:


More opportunities and chances

Startup companies highly see their employees’ skills and give more opportunities. Those opportunities include the performance of your skills, and how can they use them differently depending on your division. In Startups, it is very crucial to find many ways of opportunities around you. By doing that, business will grow vast with the addition of these new connections and interactions.


You’ll  get noticed

Most Big Corporate companies won’t notice if you make a development or impact, if they do, probably they rarely give you a promotion (if that’s what you’re expecting), because some are governed by unwritten rules—the often fuzzy, intuitive, and poorly expressed feelings of senior executives regarding individuals’ ability to succeed in a Higher position.  Luckily, Startups give a major respect for each individual’s strengths and improvements. If you have failures, which of course everyone has, they would help and make sure that you will grow from it. Plus, people in startup companies are caring and love to help each other, so we will have a warm vibe at work.


Fun environment

Let me tell you, Startups are commonly known for their “casual wear to work”. There’s no obligation that you have to wear formal clothing to work, in startups, we can use jeans, t-shirts, and a much more relaxed every day wear. Many people would also share your creativities, ideas and innovations, makes it more fun for you to get up in the morning and get back to work 

(no more Monday blues ☺).


Work in a creative space

Coworking spaces are commonly used for Startup companies, it’s an innovative alternative to traditional office space. It allows independent workers and entrepreneurs to share an open workspace instead of the traditional cubicle. Just like EV HIVE, Coworking Space, the area offers you a cozier and more flexible working space, and you’ll get free flow coffee! If a basic office only uses matching tables and chairs, coworking space is a BIG NO-NO.


Challenge your inner “cha-ching!”patience

I know, I know, no one is patient about money. But trust me, in a startup company, that’s the most crucial thing you’ll need. By challenging your patience in developing yourself, and mostly in a different environment, the more benefits you will get in the future, especially reaching a higher position that you will get by learning and developing your inner skills and experience. In startup world, it’s all about consuming less, and creating more. The more you create, the more money you’ll make.


Last but not least……stressfull but Fun!

With the five benefits that I mentioned above, the conclusion is with more stress if you work at Startups, but it’s waaay more fun that working in traditional companies. With a  flexible and warm vibe, you will develop skills and growth with a positive mindset. EV HIVE offers ample working space for your startups at a reasonable costs, knowledgeable and friendly staff, and of course, fully furnished. They even provide a game room, ping pong table and pool! Now that’s what we call working with stress but fun!


Which benefit do you like the most? Share your feedbacks and comments, we would love to know! 


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