[PRESS RELEASE] EV HIVE --- Brings She Loves Tech Indonesia Finalist to Beijing

[PRESS RELEASE] EV HIVE --- Brings She Loves Tech Indonesia Finalist to Beijing

10 August 2017

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EV HIVE --- Brings She Loves Tech Indonesia Finalist to Beijing


Quick Facts:


  • She Loves Tech is a global initiative focusing on women’s innovation and entrepreneurship. It has held annual global startup competition for female founder or companies with an impact for women in Canada, China, Hong Kong Germany, Indonesia, Israel, Pakistan and Singapore.
  • EV Hive is the largest co-working space operator in the country, by size and number of locations. EV HIVE has co-working spaces in Jakarta Smart City Kuningan, Maja Kebayoran Baru, D.Lab Menteng, and Breeze BSD. This year, they hosted She Loves Tech first collaboration with Indonesia.
  • Nine startups teams pitched to clinch a spot in the grand finals of She Loves Tech Indonesia 2017 at the global forum to be held in Beijing on 16 September this year.
  • The judges are in search of female founders who can build a startup that will encourage others to invest in them and which will bring golden opportunities to Beijing.
  • Before the competition, the Panel Discussion highlighted that Indonesia has only 5% of its’ female population in Tech Industry, while the majority of online customers are women. Which means there are still a few women who are interested to join the industry, which is still dominated by male.
  • The winner of the competition went to Eragano, a startup that focuses on agriculture and helping farmers in Indonesia to sell their harvests straight to vendors.


Jakarta, 6th August 2017- EV Hive partnered with She Loves Tech, to host their first collaboration in Indonesia.


EV Hive is a coworking space in Indonesia that promotes knowledge sharing and community building as its core value, they focused on building a community for startups, especially in Technology field with panel discussions, workshops, one-on-one mentor sessions to networking nights for free. On 6th of August, at the latest location of EV Hive: EV Hive Nissan Bintaro Campus, nine teams pitched to clinch a spot in the grand finals and the declared winner will attend the global forum of She Loves Tech Indonesia 2017 in Beijing on 16 September this year.


Before the pitching competition, EV Hive held a panel discussion on “Why Tech Industry Needs a Woman’s Touch?” to discuss about women’s barriers and necessity in the Technology Industry.


With three panelists, Dayu Dara Permata from GO-JEK, Dondi Hananto from Patamar Capital and Dea Surjadi from Kolibrii, claimed that “Many women are less included in the Technology Industry, and most startup founders are still dominated by men” Panelists also mentioned that the barriers are from women themselves, Dara did a survey of almost all women workers in tech fields, and what were their barriers, the majority feedback was because they doubted themselves. Overall, all the panelists agreed on one thing, that society plays a big role in conducting the gender bias, how they are used to the fact that technology fields isn’t feminine, and many women are dropping out because some felt that there are no other female coworkers that understand them.


The nine teams came from various industries, such as, health, psychology, agriculture, finance, talent market and even child care. The winner of the pitching competition went to Eragano, this startup focuses on agriculture which opens the door for great opportunities to create a significant impact in farmers’ lives. Farmers can use their app to access information related to agriculture, and sell their products to hotels and restaurants through an online marketplace. Stephanie Jesselyn, as the founder mentioned that she wants to help farmers to sell their harvests at a fair price, without having to rely on middlemen, because they have to buy expensive tools and products, like fertilizer and seeds to support farming.


The competition was a huge success in showing that women, especially in Indonesia, can excel in the technology startup industry. Dondi Hananto said “From all the nine teams who participated, we hope that there will be more women emerging their steps in Technology fields, and never doubt themselves. As for Eragano, we hope that their path to Beijing is the next step in bringing the Agriculture startup to a better prospect in Beijing.”



About EV Hive:


EV Hive is a community-based coworking space actively involved in developing the digital startups ecosystem in Indonesia. EV Hive currently has four locations, three in Jakarta (The Maja, D.Lab Menteng, JSCHive Kuningan), and one in BSD City, Tangerang (The Breeze). Established in 2015, EV Hive has a vibrant 8,000+ strong community who join in knowledge sharing sessions through more than 130 seminars and workshops every year.


About She Loves Tech

She Loves Tech is a global initiative that is about showcasing the relationship between tech trends, entrepreneurship, innovation and the opportunities created for women. Running an annual global startup competition and international conference series, they hold qualifying rounds all across the world. The startups must have at least one female founder, or use technology to impact women positively. She Loves Tech has held pitching competitions in multiple countries around the world- Canada, China, HongKong Germany, Indonesia, Israel, Pakistan and Singapore.

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