Press Release: Provincial Government of Jakarta and EV Hive Collaborate to Unite Digital Startups of Jakarta

Press Release: Provincial Government of Jakarta and EV Hive Collaborate to Unite Digital Startups of Jakarta

26 May 2017

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<p><strong>Jakarta, March 29, 2017</strong></p>


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<p><em>Representative of EV Hive; Acting Governor of Jakarta, State Asset Management Board; Communication, Information, and Statistics Department of Provincial Government of Jakarta</em></p>


<p>Jakarta - <a href="">EV Hive</a> ( and the Provincial Government of Jakarta, alongside the Management Unit of Jakarta Smart City (JSC) officially announced their collaboration in developing JSC Hive, a coworking space with various programs to support the development of digital startups in Jakarta.</p>

<p>Besides the signing of the partnership agreement between EV Hive and the Provincial Government of Jakarta, JSC Hive also officially released as the official community of startups in Jakarta named Komunitas Startup Jakarta (The Jakarta Startup Community).</p>

<p>As an active promoter of the tech ecosystem in Indonesia, EV Hive hopes to build upon the mutual relationship with the Provincial Government of Jakarta to ensure a long-lasting and synergized collaboration. The Provincial Government of Jakarta&rsquo;s vision of growing digital startups compliments EV Hive&#39;s mission of strengthening the relation between active startup players and the Government, in order to unite the fragmented startup ecosystem. This vision is being brought to life by providing a collaborative and productive work environment for startups in Indonesia.</p>

<p>This collaboration aims to support the development of digital startups in Jakarta by providing a decent and affordable coworking space, which will be built on Jalan Dr. Satrio No. 7, Karet Kuningan, Setiabudi, South Jakarta. The concept of Smart JSC Hive shapes this coworking space, consisting of 5 (five) Smart components: Smart Economic Zone, Smart Community, Smart Administration, Smart Workspace, and Smart Energy. These concepts help to support entrepreneurs navigate the digital startups ecosystem in Jakarta by easing access in establishing an enterprise, navigating Indonesia&rsquo;s domestic market with strong support from the Provincial Government, easing &nbsp;administrative duties, and providing a friendly environment for SMEs.</p>

<p>With these five concepts, digital startups in Jakarta will be able to collaborate with the Provincial Government of Jakarta, be educated regarding startup-related legal issues, and grow better with the &nbsp;Smart Economic Zone- which provides supporting softwares to help them manage their enterprises all under the same roof.</p>

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<p><em>Handing over the token of appreciation from EV Hive to Acting Governor of Jakarta after the signing of Partnership Agreement, Jakarta City Hall, Wednesday 29 March 2017</em></p>

<p>&quot;This is a good form of collaboration between the government and its citizens. With the existence of JSC Hive, we hope that active digital startups players in Jakarta will be able to grow better and contribute to the advancement of the city of Jakarta. This goes along with the commitment of the Provincial Government of Jakarta to support President Joko Widodo&rsquo;s &lsquo;National Movement of 1,000 Digital Startups initiative,&quot; said Dian Ekowati, the Head of Communication, Information, and Statistics Department of Provincial Government of Jakarta.</p>

<p>The implementation of the five concepts will deliver following programs and products :</p>


<p><strong>1. A Smart Energy and Office Space</strong></p>

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<p><a href=""><strong>JSC Hive</strong></a> is a coworking space which will have public area on the ground floor, with the following features:</p>


<li>Event Space, which can accommodate up to 150 attendees;</li>

<li>Lounge Space, suitable for highly mobile people, offering affordable membership price (Rp 300.000 per month);</li>

<li>Desk Membership, suitable for entrepreneurs who want to have a working desk in JSC Hive Coworking Space with affordable price;</li>

<li>&nbsp;Private Office, can accommodate from five to six people, to ten to twelve people with affordable price.</li>



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<p>&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp;(Work Space) &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp;&nbsp;(Event Space)</p>


<p>The space will support digital startups with productive work environment, from technology based access (booking, invoicing, front desk management for guest and goods) to interior design and lightning. Additionally, JSC Hive hopes to be testing platform for future tech enabled work space that is automated and energy efficient.</p>


<p><strong>2. The Jakarta Startup Community</strong></p>

<p>Jakarta Startup Community is a hub for community activities providing workshops, digital startups&rsquo; knowledge sharing, and access to an array of agents of selected industries, innovators, and policy makers. This community will join the existing EV Hive&rsquo;s network which has been established over a year ago and will accommodate the gathering of like-minded people on digital startups, support startups capacity building, and bridge communication with the government by having :</p>


<li><strong>knowledge sharing</strong> from tech companies, well-established startups, and experts related on each discussion;</li>

<li><strong>meetup</strong> to discuss issues around startups with the regulators and experts. Activities aimed to facilitate the exchange opinions, views, and advice amongst industry participants, experts and regulators</li>

<li><strong>online community</strong> to grab and maintain broader members via online database at</li>


<p>This initiative aims at improving and opening the the line of communication between the Government as regulator and the industry participants, as such being a medium for feedback to oversee the regulation in practice. In conjunction to that, industry participants could also be educated regarding the renewal of regulation, resulting the practice of the regulation, and followed by voicing their feedback to the regulator.</p>

<p>If you wish to join the Jakarta Startup Community, simply register on or attend a Jakarta Startup Community event.</p>


<p><strong>3. A Highway for Startup Licensing</strong></p>

<p>A key concern for founders innovating within digital startups are legal issues such as licensing. EV Hive&rsquo;s digital startups licensing panel discussion held alongside East Ventures, an NGO called Startup Legal Clinic (SLC), and the Branch Office of Capital Investment and Integrated Service Point (DPMPTSP) of DKI Jakarta, showed a great turnout proving the need for support in such areas. Hence, together with DPMPTSP and SLC, JSC Hive will hold :</p>


<li>Free legal and licensing consultation with helps from Branch Office of Capital Investment and Integrated Service Point (DPMPTSP) and SLC</li>

<li>License or permit submission at JSC Hive with the presence of AJIB (a mobile unit on licensing authority) at JSC Hive at least once per two (2) weeks</li>


<p>As such that entrepreneurs are assisted to focus on developing their business, while still adhering to regulation.</p>

<p>This program is also in line with President&rsquo;s Jokowi program&rsquo;s to increase the country rank of &ldquo;Ease of Doing Business&rdquo; and is the first collaboration model between private and government in South East Asia.<br />


<p><strong>4. Efficiency Through Smart Economic Zone</strong></p>

<p>One of the main requirements of running a startup is to make a good product that could dominate the market. To focus on this thing, efficiency is needed in managing the company, where administrative work should run efficiently by using an affordable and effective on-demand software.</p>

<p>JSC Hive will introduce access to multiple softwares and service to increase digital startups&rsquo; productivity, at affordable price. Up to today, JSC&rsquo;s partners are softwares around human resource management (,, dan, financial management (,, dan, and printing service ( dan</p>

<p>In future, these access will be expanded to partners&rsquo; in the field of IT Infrastructure such as Cloud Service, Network Platform, and other development platform.<br />

<br />


<p><u>About EV Hive</u></p>

<p>EV Hive is a community-based coworking space that is actively involved in developing the digital startups ecosystem in Indonesia. EV Hive currently has two locations, one in South Jakarta (<a href="">The Maja</a>), another one in BSD City, Tangerang (<a href="">The Breeze</a>). Established as the extension of East Ventures, which has been developing digital startups ecosystem since 2010, EV Hive now has more than 5,000 subscribers who join in the knowledge sharing sessions through more than 130 seminars and workshops.</p>


<p><u>About East Ventures</u></p>

<p>East Ventures is the leading venture capital fund for seed-stage enterprises in Indonesia, providing funding for Digital Startups. Established in 2010, East Ventures has supported over 50 Digital Startups in Indonesia, focusing on mid-level consumers. Embracing the development of the Startup ecosystem in Indonesia, East Ventures founded EV Hive coworking spaces to compliment the ecosystems.</p>


<p><u>About the Management Unit of Jakarta Smart City</u></p>

<p>Management Unit of Jakarta Smart City (Unit Pengelola Jakarta Smart City) is the Technical Operational Unit (Unit Pelaksanaan Teknis) under the Communication, Information, and Statistics Services of Jakarta (Dinas Komunikasi, Informasi dan Statistik Provinsi DKI Jakarta). The unit aims to plan, control, and operate the Jakarta Smart City system.</p>

<p><br />

<u>Contact Person</u></p>

<p>To know more about this collaboration, please contact:</p>

<p>Harya Putra, Expansion and Partnership Officer EV Hive</p>

<p>+62 811 874 697</p>



<p>Daniel Giovanni, Communications Manager Jakarta Smart City</p>

<p>+62 815 6076 102</p>


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