Regulator's Role in Building Your Business

Regulator's Role in Building Your Business

26 May 2017

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People are now moving in fast-paced environment and want their world to be accessible on their hand. Innovators see this as an opportunity to invent and enhance their new ideas then make it as a profitable business. In fact, building a business does not only need innovators, investors, and customers. We can’t deny that regulator or government have important role here.


So, why do we need the regulator?

Before you start your business, business licensing is the first thing need to be managed so your business can operate legally. Business license consists of few legal aspects, such as obligatory tax ID number, business domicile certification, trade business license, and so on. These legal documents are the administrative core to run your business. Without the license, practically you cannot establish your business.


What do the regulator does?

As mentioned above, government have the role as regulator in building your business. Thus, to get your business license, you need to come to authorized government agency who handle licensing matter. They also will provide you with some information on ground rules in running business. If someday you and your business break the regulations, they are allowed to give you sanction based on the applied rules.


Where can you find the authorized government agency of licensing?

In Indonesia, there is an authorized government agency called Pelayanan Terpadu Satu Pintu (PTSP) in every province, district, and city. This is a one-stop-service that will help entrepreneurs who need information or want to proceed their business license. PTSP provides service for both license or non-license certification. All you have to do is prepare several administrative documents of your business, come to the nearest PTSP branch, and they will help you to process your business license.

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