Say No To Burnout!

Say No To Burnout!

31 August 2017

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According to Elliot Aronson, A Burnout is defined as a state of physical, emotional and mental exhaustion caused by long term involvement in emotionally demanding situations. It can also be defined as a stage of fatigue or frustration brought about by devotion to a cause, way of life, or relationship that failed to produce the expected reward.

After learning the definition, it is easy to understand that the main cause of burnout is exhaustion and stress. Burnout usually strikes people who are workaholics and highly committed to their work.

Here are symptoms of a burnout:

  • Having a negative attitude at work.
  • Not as excited about getting to work as before.
  • Having a constant low energy
  • Feeling empty
  • Being irritated easily

There can be many probable causes to a burnout such as losing control over work, having unclear expectations, working in a dysfunctional team, excessive workload and low-stimulation work. Companies have even made a test to see if their employees are having burnout symptoms and to treat it before it becomes bad.


Here are 4 tips you can apply to your work life in order to avoid hitting a burnout


  1. Learn How To Say "No"

Sometimes we feel like saying yes to a job in order to win the hearts of others, knowing full well that there's a lot on our plate. For every job/task you say "yes" to, you are fueling more to your burnout and taking your energy and creativity away.

So if you don't feel like doing it, or there's too much that you need to do, say no. It is better to disappoint others than to break your mental health.


  1. Get Some Downtime For Yourself

Meditate, do yoga, go on a jog, nap for 12 hours straight; do whatever it takes to relieve the pressure off your back. Working too much prevents you from deep thinking, which causes that "stuck" feeling you feel when there's 6 deadlines in front of you which are impossible to fulfill.

Even if brain stimulation is good for you, constant hard stimulation slows down your brain neurons making it hard for you to think.


  1. Exercise Exercise Exercise

Excercising releases dopamine, a chemical that makes your brain happy. With exercise, not only you'll feel better and refreshed, you will also get a better sleeping pattern.

We know it's hard to create a time to exercise when you're a busy bee , learn some time management and squeeze in a bit of exercise (even from your cubicle!) during your lunch time!


  1. Deal With The Stress, Don't Avoid It

Getting stressed out is a normal phenomenon for people who contribute their 100% everyday, but when stress is not managed well, it can lead to a serious burnout.

There are many ways to deal with stress like jotting down the problems that stresses you out most often and doing less of it, practicing meditation, correcting your sleeping schedule and many more.


Working in an unsupportive or corporate-ish environment triggers your brain to be monotonous , turning your daily tasks into a routine. By working in an environment that lets you explore your creativity and create your own downtime, burnouts are easier to avoid. That is why most startups at this era prefer coworking spaces like EV Hive to build their startup instead of being stuck in a corporate job. Wherever you are working right now, just know that you have to treat your brain better and not too overwork it !

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Say No To Burnout!

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