Socializing in Social Media Week

Socializing in Social Media Week

19 September 2017

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<p lang="en-US"><strong>Last week, EV Hive partnered up with the annual event Social Media Week Jakarta and brought&nbsp; a comfortable co-working ambience into The Hall&#39;s open space on the 8th floor of Senayan City. </strong>Ecstatic, we jumped for the opportunity to further educate the community about coworking and the culture it brings by creating an hour of fruitful&nbsp; community meet up with more than 10 experts.</p>

<p lang="en-US">Turning our booth into a coworking spot, people rested and worked from comfortable beanbags by Holycozy, short tables and fluffy carpets; Our arcade game was the spotlight of our space, people queued and enjoyed themselves, we changed people&#39;s perspectives on how fun coworking spaces can be.</p>

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<p lang="en-US"><strong>Panel discussions are boring, seminars are overdone and sharing sessions are usually one -sided.</strong> We brainstormed really hard to create something that is different and will spark interests, so we put together a meet up where participants get to talk face-to-face to the expert of their choice, have a discussion about their problems and made it enjoyable.</p>

<p lang="en-US">EV Hive turned community meet-ups into a speed dating session. With a speed dating format, participants gets to choose who they interact with and instead of the same old QnA session, they were able to have personal interactions undisturbed and get personal insights from the experts.</p>

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<p lang="en-US"><span style="font-size:14px;"><strong>We had 13 experts show up to be the dates:</strong></span></p>

<p lang="en-US"><strong>Helga Angelina</strong> &nbsp;- Social Entrepreneur &amp; Co Founder of Burgreen</p>

<p lang="en-US"><strong>Dimas Djay</strong> &nbsp;- Director</p>

<p lang="en-US"><strong>Catherine Halim</strong>&nbsp;- Social Media Influencer &amp; Director of Marketing of @RideJakarta</p>

<p lang="en-US"><strong>Dien Tirto Buwono</strong>&nbsp;- Founder &amp; CEO of AVENUE Indonesia</p>

<p lang="en-US"><strong>Francis Jimenez</strong>&nbsp;- LinkedIn Marketing Specialist</p>

<p lang="en-US"><strong>Adri Marzuki</strong>&nbsp;- Owner of Urbain. Inc. Jakarta</p>

<p lang="en-US"><strong>Lida Emzet Petri &amp; Iqbal Ramadan</strong> - Founder of Visit Bogor</p>

<p lang="en-US"><strong>Sayed Muhammad</strong> - Founder &amp; CEO of</p>

<p lang="en-US"><strong>Hafiz Lubis</strong> -&nbsp;Digital Marketing, PR &amp; Social Media</p>

<p lang="en-US"><strong>Assyifa Amanda</strong>&nbsp;- Founder &amp; CEO PlacesToGo</p>

<p lang="en-US"><strong>Dennis Adishwara</strong>&nbsp;- Founder of Layaria &amp; Chief Creative Executive of WebTV Asia Indonesia</p>

<p lang="en-US"><strong>Miranti Andi Kasim</strong> - Livingloving</p>

<p lang="en-US"><strong>Fitra</strong> - Head of Marketing Eblo Production</p>

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<p lang="en-US"><strong>Our goal was to make a fun and enjoyable speed dating session, the participants showed their enthusiasm and so did the experts.</strong> Quoted from <strong>Dennis Adhiswara,</strong> CCE of WebTVAsia, &quot;<em>The beauty of the speed dating format is, we as the expert share our experiences to our dates, meanwhile learning new insights from the participants as well.&quot;</em></p>

<p lang="en-US"><strong>Sayed Muhammad</strong>, CEO of added that he expected a mutual benefit from the participant as well. As senior player in this industry, aside from sharing his experience, he&#39;s keen to be updated and keeping up with the current issues.</p>

<p lang="en-US"><strong>Kennya Rinonce,</strong> one of our speed dating participant said that this kind of networking is pretty interesting, expecting insights from the specific target and&nbsp; for the long run, to get connected and collaborate together.</p>

<p lang="en-US"><strong>We had a bigger outcome than we expected, and we thank all of the participants who made it happen. We are super glad to have hosted this event and we also want to thank Social Media Week Jakarta for giving us this opportunity, we look forward into turning this into an annual event, see you next time!</strong></p>

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