Starting out at Startup Weekend

Starting out at Startup Weekend

28 November 2017

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<p>Imagine a weekend event where you could connect with tons of new people with the same motives to build something new. You&rsquo;ll eventually find yourself in a place where it is very likely to meet your next coworker, mentor, cofounder, or maybe a potential investor for your startup company. This is actually the perfect place to pitch your startup ideas to everyone. This is Startup Weekend.</p>


<h3><b>What is Startup Weekend?</b></h3>


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<p>Startup Weekend is a weekend event where you meet, network, and even team up with different people. In startup weekend, you&rsquo;ll be given a team project to be worked on over the weekend. Imagine creating a startup idea in 3 days, isn&rsquo;t it hard? Yes it is, if you work alone. Now imagine if there are at least 5 likeminded people like yourself, the job could even be 5 times faster than the usual state.</p>


<p>The thing about startup weekend that makes it feel so special is the fact that everybody is given a time to pitch their startup ideas, so no one will stay quiet, great right? After that, you&rsquo;ll immediately be divided into a team and learn to implement that idea to even presenting it in front of those judges.</p>


<h3><b>Is Startup Weekend Worth It?</b></h3>


<p>Only one word to answer that and I guess you guys guessed it already. YES, it is definitely worth it. Where on earth would you get another chance to work with other likeminded people who have a lot of creative startup ideas?</p>


<p>In this Startup Weekend, you&rsquo;ll not only be given to create your own startup ideas, but guided too. These experts will guide you to make sure you don&rsquo;t take the wrong step on your very first step in this startup journey.<img alt="" src="/ckeditor_assets/pictures/235/content_startup_weekend_jakarta_fb.jpg" style="max-width: 100%; height: auto;" /></p>


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