The Survival Guide in working in Male Dominated Tech Industry

The Survival Guide in working in Male Dominated Tech Industry

28 July 2017

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In our previous blog post, we explained about 4 Common Problems Women Face Globally in Male Related Fields.  How pay gaps, balancing between work & mother care, gender preference and even sexual harassments sometimes affect our work to become harder than men.

In addition, this end of the week we will give you tips and tricks in overcoming the Male Tech Industry.

We often see many women figures in the media who have excelled in Tech Industries. Have you ever wondered what their secret is? How can you minimize the potential challenges you may face as a woman starting a career in one of these fields?

For many women who have made it in the industry, no worries, we have some tips to make your work less intimidating.

  1. Relax and Play Your Strengths

Being the only female in the work place can sound a bit challenging, but hey, don’t be nervous! Don’t think negatively such as, “Am I good enough?” or “Should I quit?”

Because as a women, we are blessed with feminine touch and skills, such as empathy. Our emotional intelligence can bring a positive vibe and create a healthy workplace relationship. For instance, if one of your coworkers looks like they need help, go ahead and lend them your hand.


  1. Speak up in meetings

According to a study conducted in 2014 by Harvard Business Review, women are much less likely to speak up in meetings as compared to men. The same study found that when women did speak up, they apologized repeatedly and allowed themselves to be interrupted. Never be afraid to speak your mind, because your suggestions are potentially beneficial to the company. When you believe in your thoughts deeply, your confidence will expand, and you will find it easier to share your thoughts and ideas.


  1. Find your mentor

At work, it’s very important to find a mentor who will guide you along the way. When it comes to the wisdom that you need to help you advance in your career, your mentor will be the one guiding and helping you to maximize your potential.

 A mentor will also help to empower you, engage and help you to realize what you are capable of achieving.


  1. Just be yourself!

Sheryl Sandberg (Chief Operating Officer of Facebook) said that, “At work, I don't make myself "more of a guy" or something in order to fit in. Sometimes I roll in wearing jeans and a t-shirt, other days I'm in a dress and heels”. Sheryl showed us that by being herself, it didn’t stop her achieving success. Don’t feel pressured to change yourself just to conform to the norm, your coworkers will appreciate you for who you are!


  1. Last of all……everyone has made mistakes

As humans, all of us have made at least one mistake in our lives, and that’s perfectly normal! By admitting our mistakes, we are stepping out from our comfort zone to the growing zone where learning is the result. We will find new ways to handle it, and this will make us a better person to objectify before taking actions. Everyone, men and women alike, had to start somewhere. Be confident, learn from your mistakes, and roll with the punches!


If you implement all the above, you will embrace the challenges and go to work with positive energy. Complement your skills with your strengths. Be ever ready to learn and above all, “Do the best you can”. The barriers you once though were difficult to overcome were nothing to worry about.


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