There Could Possibly Be 5.1 Million Coworking Members by 2022

There Could Possibly Be 5.1 Million Coworking Members by 2022

24 May 2018

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With a staggering projection of around 5.1 Million people working in a coworking space this coming 2022, the accumulated number of coworking space to accommodate the members are predicted to be around 30,500 spaces in total. A study further proved the explosive growth conveyed by the industry with its constantly increasing performance. Compared to just 2 years prior from 2017, the number of coworking spaces itself has increased by approximately half its initial number.



There are many varying factors that may contribute to the incredible boom within the industry. Among many others, individuals who are shifting to coworking spaces are often attracted to the favorable conditions provided when opting their working space. These advantages include flexibility in signing lease, reduced liability in office equipment & furniture ownership, being able to surround oneself with like-minded individuals and retiring from the conventional 9 to 5 work hour.


Apart from granting individuals their own choice and freedom on how to work, a study further explains how people personally prefer to work around people but not necessarily with the people. The global survey also revealed how individuals prefer the community values proposed by coworking spaces, which alienates the competitive nature that may be apparent in a formal office setting.


At our space, we completely understand the need to be free from the dictative norm of a conventional work routine in order to enable oneself to explore further into inspirational discovery. Our locations are widespread around the capital and Medan, available for you in every step of the way to back you up in being agile and flexible. In order to nurture the community values we uphold, we assure to host and provide various essential events that will cater to the crowd’s interests.

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