Things to Do in December

Things to Do in December

11 December 2017

Things to do in december

It's that time of the year again when people starts to sing Christmas songs, children all over the world begins to hope Santa Claus would come down their chimney, families start to create their new year resolution, and Michael Buble’s “It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas” song starts hitting top of the music chart.

This time, we personally will not be talking about any startup tips or ideas, it’s December for Pete’s sake, take a break! There are a lot of fun things to do in December, not just working. Here, we have listed several things on what to do in December!

Watch Those Annual Holiday Movie

Do you just love those annual holiday movie they show each year on December? If you often watch your television, you know what movie I’m talking about. Basically it is about an unbelievably genius kid getting left behind a few times by his family for Christmas, serious level of bad parenting there, good movie, bad parenting.

But, we’re not going to talk about that film, there are lots of holiday movie about Christmas, which doesn’t involve a kid getting left behind, such as Krampus, Gremlins, oh wait those are Christmas horror movies, we didn’t mean that, but you get our point.

Decorate Your Home

We know we know, it’s to cliché right? Setting up your Christmas tree, putting up all the lights all over it. Bear with us for a second, there are actually a lot of things to do with your kids for the holiday, if you have one. Imagine setting up those tree with your beloved family, just like in the movies.

Have this thought for one moment, how many days do you spend working and being away from your family? You could actually spend one or two days with your family and just do some family activities like decorating the whole house together so that it would have those Christmas vibes.

Dinner Party with Your Family and Friends

Where to visit in December? Honestly, nothing beats those Christmas Eve Dinner with all your family members and friends. It’s that dinner time where everyone would create a New Year resolution, promised to do them, and eventually breaking their own promise. But hey who knows you might fulfill your New Year resolution!

Again, it’s great to catch up with your friends and talk about what you guys gave been doing this year. Nevertheless, if having dinner with your friends is too cliché, then we would recommend you to do this last thing.

Give to the Community

Now, here’s the thing, earlier we said that most people will eventually break their promise to do their New Year resolution. What if one of your New Year resolution is to give to the community? Do you dare to care for the society?

Probably you’re already bored of going out and spending your money on Christmas dinner, why not spend it for charity? There’s no other way to start your new year by doing something good, don’t you think so?

Those are all the things we suggest you guys to do in December? What are you guys planning to do this December? Stay at home and watch those annual holiday movie, dinner with friends, decorate your home with your family, or you want to try giving to the community? If you're an entrepreneur and giving to the community is one of your new year resolution, then you could continue reading about "Entrepreneur or Not: Do You Dare to Make a Change?"

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