Things To Do In Medan!

Things To Do In Medan!

24 November 2017


Medan is the 3rd biggest city of Indonesia that is located in Northern Sumatra. Though famous for its diverse culinary, there are a lot of things you can do in Medan to suit your preferences!

Here are some of them:


Rumah Makan Bintang

This is a must eat for Medan first-timers! Rumah Makan Bintang serves Padangese food with a twist, they are famous for their steamed Ikan Bawal! The ginger in the steamed fish will make you chow it down right to the bones.


Tabona Curry

There is no curry as good as Tabona's. They have been selling curries in Medan for decades. With 3 choices of meats: duck,  beef and chicken; you can choose to eat it with bihun or rice. You have not been to Medan until you eat this!




Hillpark Sibolangit

North Sumatra's biggest theme park is located an hour away from Medan. Filled with rides ranging from roller coasters to an amphitheatre, they are a Medanese favorite!


Brastagi Highland

Brastagi is located an hour away from Medan. It compliments Medan like Puncak does to Jakarta. With local fruits and flower markets, hot water springs and the ever-famous sipiso-piso waterfall!



EV Hive @ Clapham

Brainchild of EV Hive and Clapham Collective, EV Hive @ Clapham serves as a merged collaboration between 2 coworking spaces with similar values and vision. Located in Centerpoint Medan, EV Hive @ Clapham provides a comfortable yet productive workspace for your needs!

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