Tips & Content Prediction in 2018 by Patrick Jonbray, Emte & Jovita Ayu

Tips & Content Prediction in 2018 by Patrick Jonbray, Emte & Jovita Ayu

20 December 2017

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<p>Content always plays a very important role to win the rivalry in the creative industry, especially for content creator. 2017 is almost over, it&#39;s time to prepare for 2018. Alas, what are the tips &amp; predictions of industrial content in 2018?</p>


<p>In the sharing session entitled &#39;How to Collaborate with Brands in the Digital Era&#39; held at JSC Hive Coworking Space on the 15<sup>th</sup> of December 2017, Patrick Jonbray, Jovita Ayu &amp; Emte shared tips &amp; predictions for content creators in the upcoming 2018.</p>


<h3><b>Tips &amp; Predictions by Patrick Jonbray</b></h3>


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<p>Patrick Jonbray is one of the active content creators in Instagram who has more than 119,000 followers. He gave 2 tips to create content in the upcoming 2018 which is about content strategy that match with market share (audience) and make good content that has no controversy.</p>


<p>Patrick Jonbray predicts later in 2018, content rivalry will have more severe challenges. After that, he added a tip saying &lsquo;Consistent in Working &amp; Keep Learning&#39;.</p>


<h3><b>Tips &amp; Predictions by Muhammad Taufiq (Emte)</b></h3>


<p>Just like Patrick Jonbray, Emte is also an active content creator on Instagram with followers over 24,000. He gave tips to the content creator in 2018 to know themselves better first in order to know what content corresponds to the personality of each creator.</p>


<p>Emte predicts in 2018, content that is not hard selling will be sorted out. &quot;<em>Maybe if it was too hard selling, yes, it would be too lazy to be seen [by the audience]</em>&quot;.</p>


<h3><b>Tips &amp; Prediction by Jovita Ayu</b></h3>


<h3><b><img alt="" src="/ckeditor_assets/pictures/268/content_bag-1565402_960_720_1.jpg" style="max-width: 100%; height: auto;" /></b></h3>


<p>If Jonbray &amp; Emte is a content creator in the art field, Jovita has a focus on creating content in the field of traveling, she currently has more than 13,000 followers on Instagram. She gave tips to always have more effort to invest in yourself in order to create a better content.</p>


<p>Jovita gave prediction in the upcoming 2018 where she told us if the content was in form of a Youtube / Video, it will become more trending than a photo. She said &quot;<em>Because the market is there already and it also more interaction</em>&quot;. She also added &quot;<em>Photos are okay, but videos are more okay</em>&quot;.</p>


<p>Well those are the tips &amp; predictions in 2018 from these content creators. What are your tips &amp; predictions in 2018? Do you have any predictions? If you don&#39;t, here we have&nbsp;&quot;<a href="">Tips for Content Creator Beginners in 2018 by Clairine Christabel</a>&quot;</p>


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