Tips for Content Creator Beginners in 2018 by Clairine Christabel

Tips for Content Creator Beginners in 2018 by Clairine Christabel

21 December 2017

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<p>With the development of technology, especially the Internet, makes many young people try &amp; dare plunge in the content creator industry. One of the famous and active content creators in Instagram, Clairine Christabel, who currently has more than 754,000 followers, gave some opinions on the content creation of the industry in 2018.</p>


<p>In the &quot;Creative Content Creation with Clairine Christabel&quot; Pop up Class session hosted by Emina &amp; Gogirl at EV Hive &lsquo;The Maja&rsquo; on Saturday, December 16<sup>th</sup>, 2017. Clairine gave us little tips for young content creators.</p>


<h3><b>Challenges in 2018; Explore More!</b></h3>


<p>For either of you experienced or new content creator, of course you guys have questions regarding the challenge of content creation in the upcoming 2018, right?</p>


<p>Asked about the upcoming challenges in 2018, Clairine replied: &quot;<i>How can I explore more, what are the things I could do to break through again in the future so that I wouldn&rsquo;t be the exact same Clairine or the same content creator as the years before?</i>&rdquo;</p>


<p>Having a content differentiation in 2018 would be a very important thing to try. Because in 2018, as predicted, there will be a lot more content creators than 2017. Thus, the characteristics or uniqueness of each content creator will become a very important thing&nbsp;to look at.</p>


<h3><b>Know Yourself to Have More Enjoyment</b></h3>


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<p>For those of you who want to plunge as a content creator in 2018, it&#39;s good you guys know yourself deeper before going further. By knowing yourself deeper, you will know the uniqueness for you to create a content.</p>


<p>It is also said by Clairine &quot;<i>Before you find out what content you want to make, the first important thing is to know yourself, then the passion where you are interested in. From there, you will enjoy being a content creator</i>&quot;.</p>


<h3><b>Collaboration, Important as Always!</b></h3>


<p>In all cases, of course collaboration is the most important thing. Clairine adds &ldquo;<i>By collaborating, content creators can increase their numbers &amp; expand their market</i>.&rdquo;</p>


<p>In a Coworking Space, not only can you create a content in EV Hive Creative Studio, you can also expand connections &amp; collaborate with other content creators.</p>


<p>Are you ready to become a content creator in the Year 2018?</p>


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