We Are Not Slowing Down

We Are Not Slowing Down

29 November 2017

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"Never stop investing. Never stop improving. Never stop doing something new." - Bob Parsons


Here at EV Hive, we believe that change is constant and improving is a must. We invest in our members by providing them with the best facility, community and support. We improve ourselves by always fixing and mending mistakes, learning from members, and listening to their wants and needs. We always try to do something new, new locations, new facilities, new games, new designs and color schemes.

We are proud to say that we are aiming to have 100 EV Hive locations across the nation. With different amenities and fun facilities in every location, here some of our new fun amenities in our offices!


  1. Napping Quarters

We understand that working can get real tiring, and that is why we made napping quarters that consists of 2 bunkbeds with single mattreses on them. You can nap, you can netflix or you can just chill. It's your choice!


  1. Office mini golf

A wood themed mini golf for you to hit and swing around. Working can get boring so why don't you release the tension off by golfing?


  1. Scenic working space

People tend to think that environment doesn’t matter when you're working. What people don't realize is that the interior design and build of a location highly effects your concentration and focus. With good lighting, mixture of neutral and bright colors, your productivity is guaranteed with us!


  1. Freedom of seating

Sit wherever your heart pleases, want to be alone and focus? We have silent skype rooms. Want to work while relaxing? Choose from countless comfortable swings that we have around the office! Freedom of seating helps you avoid routinity!

We are looking forward to change the way that people work not just in Jakarta, but all over Indonesia. We are not slowing down!

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