What Did Our Members Say about EV Hive in 2017?

What Did Our Members Say about EV Hive in 2017?

02 January 2018

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2017 is over and 2018 has finally come. For those of you who are thinking about moving your office to EV Hive Coworking Space in 2018, you’ll surely want to know "How does EV Hive look according to their member working at EV Hive in 2017?"

Below are the reviews from CEO & Founder who have felt the offices in EV Hive:

1. 94% Founder & CEO are Satisfied with EV Hive

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If you are a Founder & CEO of either a startup and non-startup companies, choosing an office in EV Hive would be the right choice. You no longer need to think about the cost of building maintenance, hygiene issues & security costs to rent facilities such as billiard & ping pong. We are the One Stop Solution for your business.

You just need to stay focus on working to grow your business in EV Hive Coworking Space. In fact, we can also help you manage your company's license. This is the reason why 94% of Founders & CEOs said they were satisfied with their office in EV Hive.

2. 87% Founder/CEO Felt That Their Business Have Grown Since Joining EV Hive

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EV Hive offers strategic coworking space locations which are within reach from every corner of the city. This is one of several reasons why the CEO & Founders in EV Hive are more flexible to determine which location is considered most convenient & appropriate for the company.

With more than 12,000 community members in EV Hive, makes Founder / CEO in it easily get information and exchange ideas with each other. 87% Founder / CEO feels that their business has grown since having an office in EV Hive.

3. 93% Founders/CEO Told Us That Their Connections Grew Since Joining EV Hive

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Other than providing a place to work, EV Hive also certainly has a community value in it. With the concept of open space work area, encourage members to interact with each other and create new collaborations. Not only fellow Founder / CEO, but a network of agencies, freelancers, bloggers, content creators, and even investors.

EV Hive is also actively creating events, both for internal or general which has the means to increase the networking of each member in it. Therefore, 93% Founders / CEO felt the increase of networking since having an office in EV Hive.

4. 84% Founder/CEO Felt That the Communities and Events Provided at EV Hive Helped Them to Grow Their Business

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Not only that, EV Hive also held several events such as Speed Dating with Investor & Networking Session where the members would get a wider acquaintance. EV Hive also has EV Hive Connect program, a forum for members to meet with EV Hive partners.

84% Founder / CEO felt that the community & events held at EV Hive helped their business grow. Why wait for that opportunity to connect? You could simply check out all our event schedules right here!

[EV Hive Event Schedules]

So, there it is! Those are the testimonials by the Founder/CEO who has an office based in EV Hive in 2017. If they have felt all the perks of joining EV Hive Coworking Space, why don’t you?

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