Celebrating Women of Independence Amongst Modernization

Celebrating Women of Independence Amongst Modernization

24 April 2018

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A hike in fascination towards Indonesian tourism is highly apparent within the past few years, as locals and foreigners alike are starting to explore the hidden beauties that lies within indonesia. As an up and coming tourist hotspot, a spread of culturally rich islands are no rarity in the nation of thousands volcanic Islands. In promoting and preserving ancient and contemporary culture, local women of respective communities plays an influential role.




Mama Bebe is one of the women crafters of Watubo, a senior weaver who has weaved into her late 70s, but recently retired to dedicate herself to familial duties. Watubo is a community of women weavers located in the village of Watublapi, Maumere, East Nusa Tenggara specializing in Ikat weaves. The weaves crafted at the village are made exclusively by the women of the community, and possessed a unique process consisting of naturally coloring the fabric with natural dye from local resources. The role of women in Watublapi becomes largely impactful towards the preservation of cultural traditions that proportionally becomes important with the increasing demand in Indonesian tourism.




A shift of scenery from the islands of Flores, to an equally resourceful and culturally rich island of Kalimantan. Deep within West Kalimantan, there’s also a conserved location with an abundance of natural resources called Sentarum Lake.


Pictured above is Rahmah, in front of a hand-made traditional wedding apparel she had made for rent services in Semalah Village, located within Sentarum Lake. Though she resides in West Kalimantan, her wedding outfits are Melayu influenced, because Sentarum Lake is situated right under Sarawak, Malaysia. Coming from a land with a spread of natural resources doesn’t limit her to only exploring conveniently available resources. Instead, she went beyond to cater to alternative needs in the village, liket opening a wedding costume rental services.


Thousands of Islands in Indonesia illustrates the very definition of diversity derived from communities within the nation, as depicted from community of weavers in Watubo or woking communities of women around Sentarum Lake. As a community culture catalyst, EV Hive celebrates the preservation and determination of women in all communities as well, including those striving and preserving at our space.

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