Wrapping Up 2017 & Starting 2018

Wrapping Up 2017 & Starting 2018

22 December 2017

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<p>It&rsquo;s that time of the year again to look back at your most memorable events in 2017, this brings us to one question; what have you done this year? 2017 is nearly over, don&rsquo;t you think 2017 should be wrapped up in a nice way? Mostly, people would have a New Year resolution, so what&rsquo;s yours?</p>


<p>Now here&rsquo;s a question for all of you startup founders out there, have you guys achieved your business resolution? Are you starting 2018 as a successful startup or are you still bootstrapping? Haven&rsquo;t found your New Year resolution for your startup?</p>


<p>Check out these things you could do next year! Since we are wrapping up 2017, prepare yourself to read this long, yet entertaining article.</p>


<h3><strong>Why Not Go Digital?</strong></h3>


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<p>Still new to the startup world and haven&rsquo;t gone digital in 2017? Honestly, everything is digital nowadays. Creating your online presence in the digital world could undoubtedly bring more traffic to your website, and thus bring you real-life customers.</p>


<p>Now, how about if you have created a website? Well, do you have a mobile application? Remembering that most people nowadays are always on their phones, this could actually be a thing to remember for your New Year resolution.</p>


<h3><strong>Less Working More Talking</strong></h3>


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<p>One simple question, are you that type of person who works 60 hours a week? If you&rsquo;re doing that, stop it! Surely, working to improve your startup company is a good thing, but remember this, beyond those office walls, there are actually a lot of things that could expand your startup business.</p>


<p>Yes, we are talking about connections. These connections aren&rsquo;t only your friends; you could visit seminars, coffee shops, even coworking spaces to find connections. Who knows what they might be your potential collaborators someday. Besides, do you really think that working solo in a startup company really helps? So, if you&rsquo;re doing this overtime-in-the-office madness, take a step back, go outside and meet new people.</p>


<h3><strong>Take up Some Classes</strong></h3>


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<p>Same as before, why waste too much time in the office when you can actually improve your skills for the good of your startup? Here is a quick fact on why you should start taking up classes. Other than learning something new or useful for your startups, you could get plentiful connections as we mentioned earlier above.</p>


<p>It wouldn&rsquo;t hurt to learn something new, would it? There are so many like-minded people at events, workshops or seminars. Imagine there are numerous people who are actually interested in creating their own business; this could mean a higher chance for collaborating. Even when not all of them are interested in collaborating, you could still learn a thing or two from them and expand your skills.</p>


<h3><strong>It&rsquo;s Always about the Money</strong></h3>


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<p>This might be a personal question, how is your startup financial doing in 2017? Is it great? Or perhaps, your startup is having a financial crisis? Well, no matter the answer is yes or no, we suggest that you pay more attention to your cash flow management. What did you spend your money on in 2017? Office decoration, Christmas decoration, high-speed WiFi connection? Well, without you knowing, those things could actually be the reason why your startup fails.</p>


<p>According to some research, 82% of startups and small business fail due to poor cash flow management. It wouldn&rsquo;t hurt to start saving a little money next year, don&rsquo;t you think so?</p>


<h3><strong>It&#39;s Still About the Money</strong></h3>


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<p>Before you ask anything, yes it is still about the money. Earlier, we mentioned whether you have a financial crisis or lack of capital. You could actually try to pitch to an investor to increase your capital. It&rsquo;s undisputedly the best way to gather enough resources for your business.</p>


<p>Even the most successful companies have had that huge amount of infused funds for their company by investors. Haven&rsquo;t had the chance to pitch your startup ideas to investors? Well, there are still so many chances next year to get invested.</p>


<p>Alas, now that all of the resolutions are mentioned above, one question lies ahead. Do you know what the connections from all those resolutions above are? All of them involves community and connection. One of your resolutions is to go digital? Find a connection to create a website or mobile application. Need to learn something new? You could go to entrepreneur classes, there are a lot of them you know? Finding investors? Who said it was hard? Finding an investor is easy as long as you have connections leading to them. Pitching the idea for your startup? That&rsquo;s the tricky part. Again, this all ends up with one last question.</p>


<h3><strong>How on Earth Can We Find Them?</strong></h3>


<h3><strong><img alt="" src="/ckeditor_assets/pictures/284/content_img_2039.jpg" style="max-width: 100%; height: auto;" /></strong></h3>


<p>As we mentioned earlier, there are tons of connection you can find in a coffee shop, restaurants and so on. But would it be that easy? Surely you could find people to hang out with there, but not necessarily an entrepreneur, there are a lot of startup founders, freelancers, and even investors in a coworking space.</p>


<p>Think of it this way, people go to coffee shops because they want coffee, how about coworking space? You wouldn&rsquo;t find people going to a coworking space for a mere coffee, would you?</p>


<p><strong>EV Hive</strong> is none other than one of those <a href="https://evhive.co/">coworking space</a> that provides you with tons of connection. Whether you&rsquo;re looking for a startup seminars, events, connections, collaborators, possible co-workers, or even investors.</p>


<p>Again, if you haven&rsquo;t visited a coworking space to do your business resolution, then next year could possibly be the time for you to do it. Above are only a few out of many resolutions you could do, so what&rsquo;s your business resolution?</p>


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