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Creative Studio & Space

You are What You Surround Yourselves With

Imagine a place where the environment is simply suitable for you to operate your creativity. Do you just love the fact that one environment could inspire you to do anything you want with the richness in inspiration it provides? Thanks to its surroundings, this creative space allows you indulge beyond your wildest imagination. Ever wondered where to find such creative studio in Jakarta? This creative space is here just to help you nurture and increase your creativity!

Being Productive is a Guarantee

Ever worked in a condition where your mind is being non-productive? Well it isn’t a problem anymore. The creative space is here to stimulate your mind, thus creating a more relaxed, yet focused mind to work and even create a content you want. Let your mind be productive, and just stroll through all the creative things you could do here.

What You Get Here

It doesn’t stop there, this affordable creative studio in Jakarta also provides a bunch of things you could use to nurture your creative mind:

  • 2 Continous Light (Godox)
  • Ring Light
  • Manfrotto Monopod
  • Background Color Papers
  • Reflectors and Diffusers