Student Ambassador

EV Hive is looking for Student Ambassador who are social media savvy, one of the best in their school, demonstrate positive attitude and willing to help startups to grow! If you consider yourself as a leader, adventurer, and one of the best in your school, then this position fits you.

About EV Hive

EV Hive is a VC backed coworking space in Indonesia that promotes knowledge sharing and community building as its core value. We invite you to grow your startup with us. EV Hive allows you to thrive as an exceptional base for collaboration and innovation supported by like-minded people. At EV Hive, you can learn from coworkers at various business stages by connecting with the community. Participate in our events ranging from panel discussions, workshops, one-on-one mentor sessions to networking nights for free. We aim to be the catalyst to your success. Our community managers will kindly assist in finding your potential partners within the desired field. Additionally, East Ventures has multiple portfolios that will help your startup infrastructure building in setting up legal, human resources and financial systems. Explore the potential professionals around the space and get ready to be inspired.

What Makes Us Different?

We're not just a space, we're community!

Unlike any other coworking space, we embrace the value of community. This empower our members and partners to grow and support each other. We empower our community to share their technologies, knowledges, and ideas by providing them events and meetup session leveraging our space and help local and international startups grow their business.

Our members and partners are communities.

We love to connect all our members and partners to collaborate. There are companies and individuals with various skills, technology, and services gathered within our community.

Our Location

The Maja

The Maja

The Breeze

The Breeze

JSC Hive

JSC Hive

EV Hive D.Lab


International Finance Center


Coming Soon

What is EV Hive Connect?

ev hive connect

As you can see, we want to connect our members to every aspect they needed. Which mean, we want to empower. But, to do that, we need your help. We need a talented student ambassador

We Need You.

The Student Ambassador Program is initiated to involve students directly in our business. We will introduce students to the real work environment. Student Ambassadors will receive training from the EV Hive team. Student Ambassadors will be able to develop their leadership skills and technical skills that they had learn at campus.

Key Responsibilities and Duties
  • Willing to be EV Hive Ambassador for 6 months.

  • Willing to promote EV Hive through personal social media.

  • Help startups by listening to their problems and connecting them to our partners.

  • Create, develop, and execute projects to promote EV Hive at your university and other places*

  • Engage fellow students in a creative way, inspire and motive them to be a part of EV Hive’s student ambassador.

  • Represent EV Hive in university community by promoting our events, classes, and workshops.

  • Being part of an unforgettable winter camp committee.


Be part of EV Hive’s Family

Free daily passes for you and friends*

Learn about startup ecosystem

Getting exposure on startup industry

Mentorship from EV Hive team

Soft skill training

Winter Camp*

Want to be a our student ambassador?

Send us your CV and maximum of 500 words Essay with the Title of “Why should you be EV Hive Ambassador”, we will notice by email if you passes to our next selection.

Be Student Ambassador

For further questions, you are welcome to contact Steven Giovanni Sugiarto (